2014 Wine and Art Festival

The seventh Wine and Art festival (Encuentro el Arte y El Vino) will be held in the Valle de la ConcepciĆ³n, Tarija, from 6-14 of March 2014. 

Immediately following this is the grape harvest festival (Vendimia Chapaca) on 15th and 16th of March.

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La Concepcion 2009 Merlot Reserva

The first thing you notice with this wine is the beautiful oaky aroma. The wine has a light ruby colour and feels light and smooth in the mouth.

Although boasting fresh strawberry, velvet plum, vanilla and cinnamon flavors it tends be more ‘oaky’ which overrides the specific fruit characteristics. However it is pleasant and light to drink, reflecting the smoothness of the Merlot grape that I like.

I would recommend paying the extra money for this wine over the cheaper 2009 Merlot which I reviewed earlier.

Casa Grande – Altimus Blanco

I wouldn’t normally select this wine to drink but we went to lunch at a restaurant at a small vineyard in the Valle de la Concepcion and where offered a wine before lunch. It was warm, I was thirsty, and the wine was nicely chilled.

Despite its unpretentious heritage, in the Grand Bordeaux glasses, the wine looked simply elegant with its yellowish golden tones. To taste it was clean, fruity and slightly sweet, a true reflection of the Alexandra Muscatel grape it is based on.

In summary, a simple and easy to drink wine that, under the right conditions, is a cut above the rest of the Vino Blanco table wines you can buy here in Tarija. It is great for a lunchtime drink or a refreshing drink late on a sunny autumn afternoon as you sit and watch the sun set.